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Obsessions Can Be Murder

Obsessions Can Be Murder

Charlie Parker Mysteries, Book 10


Connie Shelton


Mystery, Fiction

Publish Date

October 20, 2009

Short Description

Charlie & Drake just want a getaway, a weekend in a lakeside cabin. But within hours Charlie has found a new mystery. A showplace home near the small town of Watson's Lake blew sky high a few years ago, a woman died, and the home's owner went missing. The case was never solved and Charlie discovers a complex web of deceit. "Another delicious read for the beach." –The Pilot, Southern Pines, N.C


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Charlie, Drake and their dog Rusty want a little time away from it all. A cozy cabin, good books, a little fishing at the lake. It's what Charlie needs to relax and enjoy herself.

But the town of Watson's Lake, New Mexico, has a little unsolved mystery. Four years ago a showplace home--tucked away in the mountains above the lake--blew sky high. A young woman died. The owner of the home disappeared the same day.

His gold-digging wife wants the insurance money; his daughter wants him to come home. And Charlie can't resist investigating. As she sorts out the clues she finds that the citizens of this little mountain town--including the sheriff--have loads of secrets. The missing homeowner's life is an intricate puzzle and Charlie is determined to piece it together.

Here is what others have said about USA Today bestselling author Connie Shelton and her books:

“Shelton can only expand her fan base with this solid effort.” –-Publishers Weekly,

“Charlie Parker is getting rather good at her vocation, as Connie Shelton is proving to be an adept practitioner of hers.” –New Mexico Book Talk,

"Shelton continues to combine suspenseful storytelling with sensitive portrayals of complex family relationships." --Booklist

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Connie Shelton

Connie Shelton


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