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Mystic Prince

Mystic Prince


M. A. Richter


Fantasy, Action and Adventure, Romance, Fiction

Publish Date

June 14, 2021

Short Description

The best new award-winning fantasy adventure epic novel you have yet to read.


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The Winner

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A paunchy, older sergeant, an arrogant curl on his lips, swaggered out of the guard shack, one hand firm on his sword hilt. He stopped between the burly guard and the corporal, who nervously retrieved his pike. "What's the problem here?"

Khael flattened his features to mild disdain. "These citizens wish to enter their kingdom's capital."

The sergeant sneered. "We'll process them as they're due. You can wait like everyone else."

"Wait for your men to collect bribes and fondle defenseless women? I recall no Cambridge law allowing such abuses for admittance." It came out calm and smooth, even more effective as an insult.

Justice must be served...

On his way to report to the king, mystic Khael Stratton encounters corrupt gate guards, a beautiful scrawny street urchin who steals his royal signet ring, then finds out his throne has been usurped by the trusted viceroy he left in charge during his mission.

He departs undercover to reclaim his throne, accompanied by his best friend and bodyguard, and the urchin who stole his ring. Together, they learn to cooperate, deal with assassins and monsters, some human, others not, on their hidden way to scope out the usurper's sway in order to remove him.

Filled with suspense, conflict, romance, magic, swords and sorcery.

Will they survive? Will they succeed? Will justice prevail? Discover the results inside.


Kathleen (5 star Amazon review):

I love the story and can't wait for a sequel

I had originally planned to read just a chapter at a time, but I couldn't put Mystic Prince down. The author drew me into the story, as the characters became more complex and their journey more interesting. The story combines unique mystical abilities and imagery along a road of discovery as the characters build on their friendship and share some fun and dangerous adventures. There are surprises and plot twists along the way, and the ending begs for a sequel. You won't be disappointed.


Robyn (5 star Amazon review):

Entertaining and Suspenseful

Thievery and beauty, humor and peril, love and betrayal, cutting through the fog of illusion...The Mystic Prince is an engaging quest-adventure with unique and likeable characters in a futuristic setting that feels oddly familiar in a dreamscape kind of way. The prince and his inner arsenal are intriguing and magnetic and kept me turning the page to see what would happen next. Looking forward to the sequel!


Winner of the Firebird Book Awards for Best Epic and Best New Fiction First-published! Check it out for yourself and enjoy.

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M. A. Richter

M. A. Richter


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