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Mia's Irishman

Mia's Irishman

A small town stranded together romance


Seralynn Lewis


Mystery, Romance, Women, Religious, Contemporary, Fiction

Publish Date

October 28, 2020

Short Description

She can't remember her past, and he's hiding his. Now that they've found each other, will their history prevent them from having a future


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The Winner

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When real love comes calling as the storm rages on, are you brave enough to trust again?


Former fashion photographer, Mia Nardelli, returned home to Ohio to help her widowed brother and two nieces. But after years of living a quiet life and trying to put her past trauma behind her, she wants to get back to photography. When a trip into the West Virginia mountains to hone her skills leaves her injured in a ravine after an accident, she doesn’t know if she’ll ever work again—or even survive.


Veterinarian, Sean McDermott, is happy to seclude himself in his remote cabin to write a book about his profession. But even when he isn’t away, he sticks to caring for animals and helping his brother on the family ranch. Besides, it’s the best way to hide his physical facial scars from everyone else.

When Sean finds an unconscious woman on the bank of the creek, he must save her—even if it means opening his quiet life to a stranger who can’t remember her name.


Can Sean and Mia find happiness as they navigate her injuries, his guarded life, and

the raging storm that has cut them off from the world?

Finalist in the 2020 Serious Writer Writer of the Year.

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Seralynn Lewis

Seralynn Lewis


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