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Journeyman Wizard

Journeyman Wizard

an epic fantasy adventure (Vol 3 of Defenders of Vosj)


Kevin P Hallett



Publish Date

March 14, 2023

Short Description

Can Brodia learn to fly to save Preem’s family?

After a year as Preem's apprentice wizard, Brodia has hit a block. She can't find the power to fly. But the enemy aren't waiting as they gather to strike at the heart of the Defenders of Vosj, while she’s still weak. If she doesn't find the technique for flying, the Gray Wizard will kill her along with Preem’s family.


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After nearly drowning when a hurricane sank her ship, Brodia realized she must find the power she needed to fly like a journeyman wizard. That requirement became paramount when her Zenii, Preem left his family in her protection because the king wanted Preem to fly him to the capital.

The powerful enemy grand wizard has invaded Otanic with his apprentices. Their ability to hide their magic left Wizard Preem and Brodia blind to their whereabouts, while the enemy found Preem or Brodia whenever they wanted. It has created an untenable situation for Brodia as they ambushed her several times. She kept fighting no matter how many wounds she suffered at the hands of the Gray Wizard, but she was weak from blood loss.

Can she find a way to fight from the air.

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Kevin P Hallett

Kevin P Hallett


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