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How I became a conservative

How I became a conservative


Al Garner


Nonfiction, Travel, Biography / Memoir

Publish Date

March 31, 2020

Short Description

An odyssey through college, New York slums, domestic version of the peace corps, welfare, running a home for mental patients, land­ lording, and writing - by the Marco Polo of social work.


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How I became a conservative is a collection of my views. After studying the ideal world in college, I graduated and moved to the real world - in this case, NEW YORK CITY. I daily read liberal NEW YORK TIMES, and went from one bad job in liberal social work job to another in the liberal late 60s. I noticed no one was getting anything done. I was in Americorps-Vista, lived in NY slums during SERPICO, worked in welfare, child neglect, drug abuse, juvenile detention, worked on Capital Hill during watergate, started home for mental patients - living with them for two years, and rented room in my house for 25 years. I happened upon the ideas of conservatives, not the far right, and the light went on.

From my experience, the liberal view is: an ideal world is possible, old is bad, new is good, anti-establishment, anti-capitalism, security, socialism, pro-union, and redistribute the wealth in order to level the classes. They favor tenants over landlords, labor over management, consumers over business, minorities over whites, the young over the old, and criminals and bums over the rest of society. The conservative view is the opposite.

Liberals have anointed themselves robin hood and Santa Claus and have led us astray. They are bright and more educated than the masses, but mistaken on many points. Moderates and conservatives (not the far right) are more realistic and realize the importance of traditional values. Yet they are tarred for not ‘caring’ enough, while paying farmers not to grow and welfare mothers not to work.

My book show their wisdom by drawing on the ideas of: Ronald Reagan, Milton Friedman, Edward Banfield, Jack Kemp, William F. Buckley, and Thomas Sowell, It’s of interest to the upper and middle classes, the working class, the responsible poor, and to those in charity, teaching, law, corrections, police work, journalism, religion, politics and students of social work.

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Al Garner

Al Garner


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