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His Magic Touch

His Magic Touch


Debby Grahl


Fiction, Romance

Publish Date

December 6, 2018

Short Description

When a demonic witch threatens those he loves, Jared Dupre must summon all the magic he possesses to survive.


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The night before Jared Dupre’s wedding, a specter warns him that the demonic witch, Adam Montief, has kidnapped his brother in a centuries-old vendetta unknown to Jared. A powerful witch himself, Jared tracks Adam from New Orleans to a remote island off the coast of Connecticut, where he’s given no choice. He must rescue his brother and break his engagement to Kendra O’Connell, or they both die. After complying, Jared engages in a sword fight and believes he has vanquished his foe, but when he returns to New Orleans, he finds evil still threatens all he loves. Kendra, not knowing why Jared broke their engagement, devastated, finds solace in another’s arms. With help from an ancestor's spirit, can Jared defeat the dark magic descending over the Big Easy while winning back the woman he loves?

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Debby Grahl

Debby Grahl


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