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Hidden Intentions

Hidden Intentions

The Barry Marshall series


Alan Brenham



Publish Date

August 25, 2023

Short Description

A teenage girl sneaks into an old abandoned house on a dare, Her mission quickly goes sideways. Bound and whisked away, a terrified Cailey relies on her own resourcefulness and extraordinary bravery to find ways to survive.


The Winner

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When thirteen-year-old Cailey Marshall’s mission to an abandoned Texas house goes wrong, she must find ways to escape from her ruthless kidnappers and survive, while her parents are forced into making a deadly choice to save their daughter and discover the truth. Cailey sets out on a dare devised by her clique of friends, but the dare goes horribly wrong. When her father, Barry Marshall, discovers that his daughter’s adventurous game got her kidnapped by Anne Murphy and her cohorts, he is faced with a deadly dilemma. Anne’s ultimatum requires him to kill his brother or Cailey dies. She refuses to tell him why his brother must die. On the other hand, a mother will do anything for her child. It is Erin, who without hesitation, goes out on a limb to save her daughter. Even if it means murder to do it. Meanwhile, Cailey must deal with Anne’s sadistic torment if she hopes to survive.

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Alan Brenham

Alan Brenham


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