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Gaia's Revenge

Gaia's Revenge


Patrick Fleming


Fiction, Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Paranormal and Supernatural, Science Fiction, Thriller

Publish Date

September 21, 2021

Short Description

A Cli-Fi, Sci-Fi thriller with a profound spiritual dimension, Gaia’s Revenge is a Book of Revelationfor the 21st Century, an apocalyptic fantasy based on the very real crisis of global warming and its threat to the future of humanity.


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Gaia’s Revenge

Gaia, Mother Nature herself, is secretly waging war on the human race. Her desire for revenge will not relent until we listen to her warnings. The world’s press reports a series of mysterious, deadly disasters. Four unlikely heroes, a Catholic nun, a Hindu priestess, a gay Protestant minister, and a Tlingit Indian woman and marine biologist receive a shocking vision and message for humanity. The visionaries are instructed to deliver their dire warning to a young Irish woman, a leading climate activist. They sail to a remote island off the west coast of Ireland to find her. Russian mercenaries and a secret American oil militia are in pursuit to stop them. An unearthly, eerie battle erupts in a dark, pre-historic, stone fort. Gaia intervenes in the vicious siege whose outcome will determine the fate of the human race. A shocking twist leaves our destiny in the balance. Will Gaia’s anger be assuaged? Will her revenge be averted?

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Patrick Fleming

Patrick Fleming


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