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Flat Gut After COVID: Secrets to Breaking Free of Pandemic Pounds and Lockdown Blues

Flat Gut After COVID: Secrets to Breaking Free of Pandemic Pounds and Lockdown Blues

First Edition


Douglas Setter


Nonfiction, Health and Fitness, How To, Self-Help

Publish Date

January 14, 2022

Short Description

Flat Gut After COVID was written for the millions of previously active people who have sunk into lethargic and listless outlooks during the COVID lockdown. It is also during this lockdown that depression, overdoses, and suicide rates have tripled in some areas.


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Douglas Setter a former soldier and United Nations peacekeeper shares his methods of how to reprogram your mind and body to get stronger and healthier. These are the same methods that the author used during long months of isolation, fatigue, and stress. On returning home and after several personal setbacks, he was able to regain his physical and mental health to be able to run full marathons and earn a Bachelor of Science degree.


During the pandemic, the author applied the same principles to help others rebuild themselves physically and mentally.


Learn how-to:

  • Change your life after the pandemic
  • Overcome loneliness, depression, and procrastination
  • Regain fitness after the pandemic
  • Change habits and change your life
  • Use micro10-minute workouts during and after the pandemic.
  • Use belly-flattening, mood-boosting food, and supplements that balance your hormonal system
  • Detoxify your body without therapy, fasting, or deprivation.

According to the National Library of Medicine, the COVID-19 restrictions have had a negative effect on physical activity and mental well-being. Learn the proven methods for kick-starting your mindset, motivation, and muscles to regain control of your health, fitness, and mental wellness!

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Douglas Setter

Douglas Setter


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