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Fay "In Her Own Words- A Living Legacy."

Fay "In Her Own Words- A Living Legacy."


Grace Larson



Publish Date

February 2, 2020

Short Description

Fay Poloson Haynes was inducted into the Montana Cowboy Hall Of Fame Fay was born January 4, 1926 in Helena, Montana. Her mother Mae Deschamps Poloson was a Homesteader and her father, Dan Poloson, an immigrant from Romania. Fay strarted riding horses when she was 4 years old. Fay won so many events at rodeos all over the Nothwest and Canada: barrel racing, pole bending, and western stock horse events. Fay was an artist of both oil paintings and pencil sketches; most accomplishe by the time she was 16 years old. Fay began to write short stories and poems as a tenager, and continued throughout her life.


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Fay is compiled of many short stories about horses, rodeo people, and rounding up the horses off of Wild Horse Island. She was able to ride throughout Glacier Park when her brothers, Fred & Bert, worked there. Fay met her husband, Bill Haynes, at the Polson Rodeo. She was Secretary; he was judging events, Fay was also Rodeo Queen for several years. This book has photos of Fay's art, her poetry, letters from the 1930's, and her & Bill's friendship with Fannie Steele, the Greenoughs, and other ranch & rodeo people.

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Grace Larson

Grace Larson


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