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Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

Angels and Demons, Book # 1


J. C. Seal


Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal and Supernatural

Publish Date

February 28, 2019

Short Description

A cursed half-Demon, a human discovering the secret hideout. A college professor with a hidden agenda, resulting in a violent death. An old Nemesis rediscovered, about to change the face of the Earth forever, pitted against newfound, yet untried abilities.‬


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The protagonist of “Fallen Angels” (Angels and Demons trilogy, book one) is Bela, a cursed half Demon, an outcast living outside of today’s society, withdrawn to a safe oasis created for himself and others like him. After centuries, he finds his first human friend, his closed heart gradually opening to accept friendship and love in his life. Love also lifts the curse, giving him back his Angel wings just in time. When an old nemesis in new guise rises again to threaten today’s way of life, the future of the world is on razor’s edge. Bela is forced to suddenly embrace a new and terrifying role. Will there be enough time for him to come to terms with the past, to accept the changes, to embrace newfound abilities? Will it be enough to tip the scales in favor of the unsuspecting human world?

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J. C. Seal

J. C. Seal


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