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Changing Tide

Changing Tide


Robert Joncas


Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal and Supernatural, Romance, Science Fiction, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

June 28, 2023

Short Description

A wild adventure that takes you on a journey from the California Coast to the depths of the Grand Canyon. Dive into this fast-paced, suspenseful Sci-Fi fantasy novel that melds sizzling romance, action, heart-stopping horror, and a high-stakes battle to save humanity.


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The Winner

Book's Awards


After her father's tragic death, eighteen-year-old Skye Conner and her mom visit her Nana on the California coast. There, Skye stumbles across a mystical conch shell in the surf. Suddenly, her dull, empty life takes on a thrilling and terrifying turn.

Changing Tide is a witty, original, page-turning thriller that will make you look at First Contact in a whole new way.

CHANGING TIDE 2023 Book Awards:

*Maincrest Media Award, Winner, YA Fiction (2024)

*Outstanding Creator Awards, Best Fiction Book of 2023, 2nd Place
*Outstanding Creator Awards, Fantasy (1st Pl.), Sci-Fi (1st Pl.), Romance (2nd Pl.)
*The Global Book Awards, Bronze Medal, Sci-Fi – Romance
*The BookFest Awards, Silver Medal, Sci-Fi - Romance
*The BookFest Awards, Bronze Medal, Fantasy – Contemporary & YA – Sci-Fi

*Royal Dragonfly Awards, Best Cover, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & YA Fiction
*American Fiction Awards, Finalist, Romance – Paranormal: Supernatural
*American Writing Awards, Finalist, Science Fiction

*Literary Titan Book Award - August 2023

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Robert Joncas

Robert Joncas


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