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A Beguiling Bachelor Romance


Madison MIchael


Fiction, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Women

Publish Date

July 15, 2016

Short Description

When Sloane Huyler’s father is carted off to jail, her world collapses so completely she may as well share his cell. Her ex-fiance marries another woman and her snobbish friends race for the door—her customers fast on their heels. Broke and alone Sloane is clueless on how to dig her way out of the abyss.

Randall Parker III is at the top of his game. Mid-thirties, obscenely rich, devilishly handsome, wildly successful, he has all he wants except the confidence to pursue the woman of his dreams—Sloane. When people warn she’s frustrating, they aren’t telling Randall anything he doesn’t know. The woman pushes all his buttons—especially the ones marked HOT.

Randall has met his match. Independent and tough as nails, Sloane is accustomed to snapping her fingers to get what she wants. But a desperate Sloane can’t. She needs help, finally offering Randall his chance. If he can restore Sloane to her former glory, will he win her heart?

Randall is determined but he’s no lapdog to be pushed around. With demons of his own threatening to detail his crusade and Sloane clinging to her pride the deck is stacked against them. And both are fighting a passion ready to combust.

Can Sloane earn her ticket back to the top before she sabotages everything? Can Randall slip beneath Sloane’s armor, regain her position and win her heart without leaving her beholden?

Enjoy a battle of wits in a steamy, modern, high stakes, “Taming of the Shrew” story from Madison Michael, author of Amazon Top 100’s Number One bestseller, Bedazzled.


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The Winner

Book's Awards


Four men of wealth and privilege considered Chicago's most eligible bachelors.


Four friends since childhood. They have everything. Education, success, position, money and incredibly good looks.


Everything should be perfect, but it's not.


Instead of flying high, these men are weighed down with family obligations, secrets and lies. They are hounded by women, jealousy and youthful mistakes.


What they each need is a fresh start- with the right woman.


And that is just what they are going to get.


Bedazzled Wyatt and Keeli meet in an elevator, beginning the ups and downs of this Cinderella story. She is a starving artist, he is one of Chicago's most powerful men. But they both want to make it on their own terms, until the terms come between their love. Can they find their way back to one another when they are Bedazzled?

Beholden Randall and Sloane have known each other since school, when she was his best friend's girlfriend, then fiancé. But now she's free and she needs his help. Can he overcome his jealously? Can she take his support when it's offered? Will they find love if they are Beholden?

Bedeviled Alex and Charlotte are each hiding secrets, secrets that could keep them apart when all they want is each other. When the past comes calling the couple is thrown together and must find a way to bare their souls in the name of love or remain Bedeviled.

Besotted Tyler and Regan have danced circles around one another since childhood, their attraction undeniable. Tyler can't make a move with danger threatening his every action. But a different threat lurks—a man who might steal Regan away. It's time for Tyler to put up or shut up because he is Besotted.


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Madison MIchael

Madison MIchael


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