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Bane of Nostalgia

Bane of Nostalgia

Sawyer Shepherd Chronicles


Chad Lehrmann


Horror, Teen and Young Adult, Thriller, Paranormal and Supernatural

Publish Date

December 30, 2020

Short Description

Homecomings are the worst. Old memories, old flames, past mistakes, demonic childhood stalkers- Sawyer Shepherd may wish he had never come back.


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Sawyer Shepherd is proving that you actually can go home.

But maybe he shouldn't.

Sawyer returns from a year abroad learning about his lineage and the ongoing struggle against the Adversary.  And the devil himself.  A call from his past drags him back to his hometown when a childhood friend is murdered.  When the events surrounding the murder are a little too close to Sawyer's expertise, he begins to investigate while trying to keep his boyhood friends from discovering just what exactly it is that Sawyer does.

Sawyer's sudden homecoming may not be coincidental at all, as demonic signs and omens begin to appear all around the small town.  As Sawyer struggles with his past, dark figures from his past return to populate his life- to catastrophic results.

Old friends, deadly enemies, and long hidden memories arise.  And in the midst, a secret threatens to change everything Sawyer thought he knew about the destiny he has been chasing.

With mentor Eli, and estranged love Mandy far away, can Sawyer overcome the temptations surrounding him, or will he succumb to the Bane of Nostalgia?

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Chad Lehrmann

Chad Lehrmann


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