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A Slippery Shadow

A Slippery Shadow


Gary D. McGugan


Suspense, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery

Publish Date

April 1, 2022

Short Description

Snatched from her private jet, crime-boss Fidelia Morales barely escapes with her life. Now she wants revenge. But her gang of criminals is thrown into chaos as dozens of key operatives suddenly disappear.

Howard Knight - Fidelia's former lover and accomplice in her latest heist - walks free from the same plane only to flee in a desperate quest to escape The Organization. He too is hounded by menacing encounters.

Both become entangled with massive Multima Corporation led by Suzanne Simpson. Amid a global pandemic, this powerful CEO scrambles to fill crucial executive roles while dealing with bizarre threats and mysterious interferences on three continents. All seem connected and threaten her empire.

With breath-taking reach and bewildering influence, is it possible an unseen and elusive Shadow can pull strings to manipulate people, companies, criminal organizations and governments?


The Winner

Book's Awards


Reviewed by Natalie Soine for Readers' Favorite

A Slippery Shadow by Gary D. McGugan begins in Singapore on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Two months since crime-boss Fidelia Morales seized control of The Organization.

Her former lover Howard Knight was preparing to leave The Organization permanently but found himself in danger from unknown felons. Fidelia is arrested for murder from her private jet and her operation is thrown into disarray. During this time, Suzanne Simpson, CEO of Multima Corporation Supermarkets, finds that the share price had collapsed in a terrifying freefall, right from the stock market’s opening bell that morning, followed by a spate of bombings at the supermarkets belonging to Multima. These two powerful women hire their own investigative teams to find out who is putting their lives and corporations at risk. Could it be that The Shadow’s influence stretches across continents?

What an incredible story. Exciting, suspenseful, and thought-provoking, A Slippery Shadow by Gary D. McGugan is one of the best stories I have ever read.

The numerous characters with their different personalities keep the story interesting. Gary does a fantastic job of describing the various scenes and locations around the world, making it easy for the reader to form a visual of the many places and events that take place. I especially enjoyed the way Gary uses dialogue to carry the story forward without giving away too many secrets. The story is filled with twists, turns, and surprises, making this novel a page-turner from start to end. All-round, a great novel highly recommended to all adults.

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Gary D. McGugan

Gary D. McGugan


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