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A Peek Under the Hood

A Peek Under the Hood

Heroin, Hope & Operation Tune-Up


Michael Pevarnik


True Crime

Publish Date

September 26, 2023

Short Description

A Peek Under the Hood is a true crime investigative adventure that travels from the streets to the jungle in the quest to reclaim an inner-city neighborhood's stolen quality of life. A history-making case that stimulated the revitalization of a depressed city,


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In 1994, an altruistic DEA agent and his atypical informant, a noble soul who'd endured the injustices of war and forced labor camps in Vietnam, set out to make a difference in Worcester, Massachusetts, a textile and tool manufacturing hub of the Industrial Revolution now known for its production of heroin, crack, and crime. Infiltrating a string of drug-dealing auto repair shops in the gritty Main South neighborhood, "Operation Tune-Up" then journeyed into an underworld to solve murders in New York; tangle with computer chip armed robbers from California; chase a wily fugitive through Puerto Rico; go undercover with cocaine smugglers in Panama; and, most locally impactful, expose the biggest heroin traffickers the old mill town had ever seen.

A history-making case that stimulated the revitalization of a depressed city, A Peek Under the Hood tells the inside story of a community's victory in the war on drugs.

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Michael Pevarnik

Michael Pevarnik


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