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A Man's Face

A Man's Face


B. Roman


Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, Fiction

Publish Date

December 10, 2020

Short Description

While trying to prove a client’s innocence, attorney Marc Jordan unwittingly crosses the path of the man who murdered his mother 15 years prior and fallen in love with the woman who burned his father alive in a suspicious winery fire.



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A slash of a scar from cheek to chin is all Marc Jordan remembers of the man kneeling over his dead mother. As he searches his memory for clues and hopes he is the first one to find the killer, he becomes involved in a psychotic family intrigue. Murder, blackmail, corruption and betrayal leave a trail from the storied vineyards of Spain to the wineries of Southern California where no one is who or what they claim to be. When he is forced to accept a court case he does not want, Jordan inadvertently unravels the threads that lead to solving his mother’s murder. With each revelation Marc’s life spirals out of control in this dizzying thriller.

“A Man’s Face” is a multi-generational saga of treachery and corruption set in the backdrop of the elite wine industry and in the courtroom trial of Marc’s client who was sent to prison for the crimes of the Ibarra family.

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B. Roman

B. Roman


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