Zodiac Signs: Characteristics in Relationships, Love, and Career



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Smilena Kirilova

Nonfiction, Body / Mind and Spirit, Crafts / Hobbies, Guide, Health and Fitness, How To, Parenting, Self-Help, Single Mom, Education

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You will pick up on things that you were not aware of and reflect on why you do what you do. Astrology offers comfort, faith, and a deeper self-knowledge. Astrology is an universal tool for self-improvement.

Zodiac Signs: Characteristics in Relationships, Love, and Career will give you useful information about the 12 Zodiac signs, their behavior, and approach to life. You will discover what natural talents you have, predetermined by the position of the Sun on the date you were born.You will review your inner layers, grasp how vital for your health are your body energy centers, enjoy what this book has to offer, and, in the process, you will level up your expectations and become more understanding and more forgiving.

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Smilena Kirilova

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