Wolf Neumann

Wolf Neumann

A prequel to Die Bergtruppen


Liam Robert Mullen


Military / War

Publish Date

July 23, 2022

Short Description

A prequel to Die Bergtruppe which introduces the mountain unit soon to be involved on the Finnish Front.


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A prequel to Die Bergtruppe, Wolf Neumann is a young German soldier sent to Poland in the opening days of World War 2.


Under the command of Arik Wagner, Neumann learns what it takes to become a crack mountain troop but will his youth help him to survive the rigours of war or will he fall like many of his comrade, doomed to haunt the minds of his fellow soldiers as they're suddenly sent to Norwa.


A searing tale of battle and friendship amidst the coldness of war.

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Liam Robert Mullen

Liam Robert Mullen

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