With the Passion of a Pig

the Superhero School series, Book 3



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Donna Sager Cowan

Action and Adventure, Children's Books, Fantasy, Mystery, Humor Fiction

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With the Passion of a Pig, the third installment of the Superhero School series, the squad returns for their newest adventure: Mrs Gee is missing! Led by Patty Porter, a tech savvy pig, the team is willing to risk everything to find her....even if it means traveling to another dimension!



The Superhero School squad returns for their third adventure:

Mrs Gee is missing and no one knows why.

When Patty Porter, tech-savvy pig and team member, tracks Mrs. Gee’s phone to the field where Catt appeared, the team rushes to investigate.


They discover a portal linking Sweet Meadows to the human world called California. It’s the same one the monkeys used to transport captured animals.

Patty’s plan? Find Mrs. Gee and the missing animals.. Simple and quick, right? Except the squad is in for a big surprise when they exit the portal on the other side.

Join the Superhero School sleuths on another adventure to find Catt’s mom and return home in time for their next class.

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Donna Sager Cowan

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