With the Curiosity of a Cat

the Superhero School series, Book Two

With the Curiosity of a Cat



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Donna Sager Cowan

Fiction, Action and Adventure, Children's Books, Mystery

November 13, 2019

Short Description

With the Curiosity of a Catt, the second book in the Superhero School series Begins with Catt and Simon landing in a jungle after a skydiving mishap, and find diabolical monkeys capturing animals. Barely escaping the monkeys, Catt and Simon mail themselves home to Sweet Meadows to plan a rescue mission—only to deliver their new trapped friends straight into monkey headquarters.



Catt, a cat, and Simon Cheddar, a mouse, land in the jungle after a skydiving school mishap. The two barely escape the diabolical monkeys, capturing and selling animals to a zoo, by mailing themselves home.

Back in Sweet Meadows, they contact their friends and classmates to devise a way to rescue their trapped friends—only to deliver them straight into monkey headquarters.

Patty Porter, the pig and Freddy Flickerson, the frog, and others return for the crazy caper rescue of their new friends from the Banana Brothers.

Join your favorite Superhero School duo in their second adventure to save the day before their next class!

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Donna Sager Cowan

Donna Sager Cowan

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