Willow Ashwood

The Girl Who Danced With Dragons

Willow Ashwood



Publish Date

Eva Rea

Fiction , Fantasy, Psychological, Action and Adventure, Teen and Young Adult

July 16, 2019

Short Description

Willow is sad because her parents fight at home, but play happy families in front of other people. Running, love of dogs and belief in the extraordinary help Willow when she is sad.


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Willow, a bullied teen, is a member of the Nobodies’ Club for Kids with Sad Eyes. She is transported to a sanctuary in a parallel reality. But not all is what it seems to be; some nasty people pretend to be kind and they tempt Willow with short-cuts to success and abuse of power.

Extraordinary dogs and dragons help Willow to overcome her lack of self-confidence.

Written by a psychologist with many years’ experience. This book will help teenagers and grown-ups feel better about themselves.

All proceeds from this book will go to the charity All Dogs Matter. The book is available on Amazon.

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Eva Rea

Eva Rea

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