What time is it there?

What time is it there?

Their pen-friendship will change them forever.


Glenice Whitting


Fiction, Women

Publish Date

February 2, 2020

Short Description

Two women, two countries
Serendipity. Life. Friendship.



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Diane, an uneducated young Australian mother, meets Maggie, a sophisticated American poet in a chance encounter. Everything, from age, class and even nationality seems to separate them, yet all is not quite as it seems. Maggie is grieving for her eldest daughter and trapped in a marriage involving infidelity and rape. Diane unconsciously yearns for the same opportunity of an education given to her brother which was denied her. Their lives draw them to connect. This is a story of two unfulfilled women finding each other when they needed it most. Their pen-friendship will change them forever.

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Glenice Whitting

Glenice Whitting

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