Volcanic Winter

A Climate Change Thriller



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Mark Rutherford

Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Political thriller

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The Vice President of the USA, struggling for relevance with voters, takes charge of a plan to create volcanic winter and defeat climate change. He finds instead that he has declared war on humanity and lost control to the president. How will he save the planet?



President of the United States Angus Probin does not believe in playing fair; he only believes in winning. To him, it matters little whether he has friends or long-lasting relationships. Everyone is disposable if they don't meet his needs. He is cunning enough, though, to know that he must keep a close watch on anyone who might betray him.

Vice President Robert Jenkins has always been a respected politician and lawmaker. Unlike Probin, he is a man of high moral principles, a defender of conservative values, and a staunch evangelical Christian. Jenkins is of great concern to the president, as Probin is beginning to think he has no power over his VP and betrayal is imminent.

Now, Probin has been fed an insane idea. He is convinced that global warming can be reversed through military action and guarantee his reelection. It's madness-and Jenkins realizes it. He has a week to save humanity. To do so he must survive political attacks and even attempts on his life.

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Mark Rutherford

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