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Upward Climb Of A Downward Spiral

Upward Climb Of A Downward Spiral


Glenn Goodwin


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Crime, Psychological, Romance, Thriller

Publish Date

December 9, 2020

Short Description

Can a wronged heart that bleeds pain, conflict, and a thirst for revenge, ever be righted?

What price would you pay to get everything owed to you while losing everything you have?

These are just two of the questions one man must find the answers to in the hell he helped create. Embracing the evil lurking within, even his own dark shadows are beginning to frighten him.   While welcoming a lifestyle born in the depths of society’s insatiable thirst for corruption, Gunner walks a tightrope of questionable actions.  Caring less about the answer to those actions, Gunner knows he’s possibly damning his soul and the lives of those he loves as he presses on. Will he lose his mind and soul? Eventually giving into absolute power, crime, and unspeakable addictions; forgetting about love and what he has lost. Or will he rise through the ashes settling all scores while setting the world on fire just to watch it burn? Only Gunner knows what he must do… despite the cost!


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