Unwinding the Serpent

Unwinding the Serpent



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Robert Paul Blumenstein

Fiction, Paranormal and Supernatural, Science Fiction

May 30, 2021

Short Description

Unwinding the Serpent's story unwinds in three distint periods of time spanning from 1793 to 3197. With that much time passing something is bound to go wrong and get out of whack. The endgame for the main characters is to fix what's broken and bring the meddlers to justice.


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In Unwinding the Serpent reincarnated beings are charged with gathering vital information from generation to generation so that the human species may continue to evolve naturally. But when a sinister plot to enslave the inhabitants of Earth under an alien Draconian thumb comes to light, our heroes must journey across time to save the human race. Does the human soul leave its imprint on our DNA? If so, can the soul’s imprint be traced throughout time? The avatars of Unwinding the Serpent are counting on it as they travel back and forth through centuries of passing time to wrest humanity from imminent doom in this captivating work that takes our audience from colonial America to the distant future. Robert Paul Blumenstein delivers another engaging adventure drawing out a story that blurs the literary lines between science fiction and fantasy.

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Robert Paul Blumenstein

Robert Paul Blumenstein

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