Twisted Time

Twisted Time


Candi Fox


Fiction, Science Fiction

Publish Date

June 29, 2020

Short Description

Travel back to 1875 with magic, shifters, and a portal to hell. 


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Her love lies in a magickally induced coma after being brutally attacked by an unknown creature. Emma is convinced the only way to save him is to somehow travel back in time to 1875 to prevent the creation of the creature. She places her trust in an unknown woman who turns out to be the enemy.

Nora has ulterior motives when she offers to help. She wants Cord for her own purposes. Nora is a key player in opening a portal to hell that will grant her unearthly powers. Only Emma can close that gate once it's opened. Both women want the same man. One will save him. One will doom us all. Which will he choose? The fate of the world lies in their hands.

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Candi Fox

Candi Fox

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