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Turbulence An Extreme Love Story

Turbulence An Extreme Love Story

It's time to lose your emotional baggage


Jordan Alexander


Nonfiction, Education, Biography / Memoir, Body / Mind and Spirit, Family and Relationships, Self-Help, Single Mom, Travel

Publish Date

December 21, 2021

Short Description

A high-flying part two that proves self-love must come before anything else.

In this sequel of the true-life trilogy, Dr Jordan Alexander (Alexis) wants nothing more than to put the biggest mistake of her life behind her. She decides to give her love life a holiday, focusing instead on healing her broken heart. She never expected the one night stand with Jack (the pilot from I love you, Send money) to boomerang. For some, absence makes the heart grow fonder. For Alexis, the long-distance love affair triggers her inner demons, feeds self-doubt and creates a freefall into anxiety and depression. Can one truly find love without first falling in love with themself?

Greek philosophers once said, ‘knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.’ In relationships, loving yourself is the beginning of success. Turbulence: An Extreme Love Story helps familiarize the importance of self-love and how to don your own oxygen mask. You’ll see why finding love after being scammed is tricky, and why learning the art of self-care can be elusive. From the comfort and safety of your cosy couch, you will travel with Alexis to twelve cities, jettison excess emotional baggage that’s holding you back, and explore ten ‘get real’ self-care stopovers to practice at home. Learn why love takes two, and it starts with you.


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