Trips to the Edge

Trips to the Edge

Tales of the Unexpected


Diane Wing


Fiction, Dark, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal and Supernatural

Publish Date

December 31, 2014

Short Description

Kick back and enjoy this mini-anthology of spine-tingling short stories.


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  • Another Walk in the Park
    A familiar walking path leads to a disturbing encounter in an unexpected realm.
  • Dark Hollow Road
    A grieving sister searches for her brother on a road notorious for missing persons.
  • The Restaurant
    An adventurous foodie couple is consumed by a life-changing meal when they explore the peculiar cuisine at a mysterious new restaurant.
  • Wrong Directions
    Jealousy prompts a technological genius to conjure a diabolical solution to deal with unfaithful husbands.

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Diane Wing

Diane Wing

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