Time Paradox

Time Paradox

Thumar Saga 2


Tim Murray


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Science Fiction

Publish Date

June 15, 2021

Short Description

Derak’s journey with his beloved Shesain continues as time travel alters their reality and they must fix it before the universe is destroyed.


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Derak, Shesain, and the time crew are unexpectedly thrust six hundred years into Thumar’s past, where a planet wide plague is raging. These intrepid time travelers are predestined to find a cure. When they return to the future, they discover their actions dramatically changed their original timeline.

With help from Derak’s brother and the mysterious Time Sentinels of the universe, they set out across time, space, and dimension to fix their time paradox. Can they stop the space-time-continuum from tearing itself apart and destroying the known universe?

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Tim Murray

Tim Murray

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