Thomas Holland and Pandora's Portal

Thomas Holland and Pandora's Portal

Thomas Holland Series Book #3


K. M. Doherty


Fiction, Fantasy, Children Books, Action and Adventure

Publish Date

October 8, 2020

Short Description

The thrilling conclusion to the award winning trilogy!


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What do you do when your friends need your help to save the world?


Only problem is—you’re not on their world.


You’re not even in the same universe! What do you do then?


And even if you could get there…


Somehow, you’ve got to take back the device from the now far more powerful evil wizard, before the timer runs out and the creatures from the forbidden planet are released.

And the only tools you have to work with are Goban’s battle axe, Avani’s failing magic, and Tom’s scientific knowledge.


To find the wizard they must make a perilous journey through the Pillars of the Giants, the Deathly Bog, the Plains of Illusion, and the lost underground world laced with deadly traps.


Did I mention monsters?


And all this within three days…


You’ll love the thrilling conclusion to the Award-Winning series: “Thomas Holland and Pandora’s Portal” because it’s packed with suspense, humor, action, and several huge twists along the way.


Complete your adventure! Buy it now!

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K. M. Doherty

K. M. Doherty

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