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The Sensorians: Awakening

The Sensorians: Awakening

A Young Adult Urban Fantasy


Brigitte Morse-Starkenburg


Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense, Urban, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

June 22, 2020

Short Description

Eliza is being introduced to The secret community of The Sensorians where she is being trained to control her gift of supernaturally heightened senses, to assist in the hunt fir her missing father. Will she survive the unorthodox and strict methods of the Sensorians?


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The Winner

Book's Awards


***** "An amazing read, really well paced, with genuine tension, fused with powerful emotions underpinning the key characters."
***** "The Sensorians: Awakening, drew me in right from the start."

Headstrong Eliza always felt she experiences the world differently from everyone else, but she never fully understood why. Her senses forever stood on edge, never totally controlled by her prescribed medication.When, in a shock revelation, she finds out she possesses an extraordinary gift, Eliza gets plunged into the secret world of the Sensorians. Her life will never be the same again.

Trained to control her gift by the arrogant, cocky but incredibly handsome Zack and his alluring sister Zaphire, Eliza finds herself struggling to fit in with the strict and darkly unorthodox methods of the Sensorian society. She begins to wonder what she has let herself in for. But, before she can change her mind, she is embroiled in the thrilling hunt for her estranged father Rick, who went missing from the Sensorian community under suspicious circumstances. Her loyalty gets severely tested in finding out the truth behind his disappearance, as all is not what it seems.

Do the Sensorians have a hidden agenda?
Why are they so desperate to find Rick?
What exactly do they want from her?

Awakening is the first book in the Sensorians Trilogy: A Young Adult Urban Fantasy which combines the coming of age themes of self-discovery, love and exploring sexuality, with a fantasy element based in the real world.

***** "I love this book! It's a very well thought out story and easy to read!"

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Brigitte Morse-Starkenburg

Brigitte Morse-Starkenburg


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