The Other Shoes of Larry Martin: Book One: Revelation of Lies

The Other Shoes of Larry Martin: Book One: Revelation of Lies


Pavane Ravel


Fiction, Contemporary, Drama, Political thriller

Publish Date

October 10, 2021

Short Description

"The Other Shoes of Larry Martin" is a fictional story of transformation; a story of emotional, physical, and deep inner growth achieved by a remarkable young journalist, Larry Martin is the main character the series is based upon.




Larry Martin is a young man - the only child of an abusive father - who was unwittingly indoctrinated into the belief system of the Alt-Right. Larry begins his journalism career writing for a right-wing website. After disaster strikes and he becomes homeless and unemployed, he finds the way forward to a prosperous, ethical, and enlightened future by profoundly changing all that he was.

During Larry's turbulent fight for survival, he arrives at the conclusion that he must undergo a drastic transformation in order to find peace and personal success. He resolves to make significant changes and become a completely different person.

Larry's story consists of hard times, revelation, growth, and transformation. There is sadness and joy. Discipline and discovery. Trauma and recovery.

"Emerging author Pavane Ravel tells a gripping and unforgettable story that reminds us of the gravity of each decision we make in life. This is a story of self-examination and growth, and it's relevant for readers of all beliefs and backgrounds."

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