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The Necklace IV

The Necklace IV

Brighton, December 1999


Linda S Rice


Fiction, Erotic, Romance

Publish Date

October 23, 2015

Short Description

After Susan’s friends betray her on her last trip into the past, forcing her to return on her wedding day, the day she would have married James, she falls into a deep depression she can’t shake off. Having James’s engagement ring on her magical necklace makes it even worse.

When Michelle, her level-headed and successful attorney daughter, finds out the truth about her mother’s trips into the past, she determines to end the link between James and Susan once and for all. Both mother and daughter are transported back to December 1999, where James is scheduled to make his first public appearance since his wife passed.

Michelle’s well-intentioned plans go awry, however, when she encounters James’s son, an up-and-coming concert pianist who is the spitting image of his father, and gazes into his captivating eyes. Susan, hoping to reunite with James again, realizes he’s likely to have some serious trust issues concerning her. But with her marriage falling apart back in the future, her heart’s desire is to somehow make him love her again and, this time stay in the past and change history.

Will she be able to, however, especially when Hilary, a gold-digging ex-courtesan, enters the scene just as determined to make James hers? Is the love between James and Susan strong enough to thwart Hilary’s plans, or will Susan be forced back to the future to live out the rest of her life in despair?


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