The Leopard Licks Its Spots

The Leopard Licks Its Spots


K.A. Mulenga


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Children's Books

Publish Date

November 16, 2020

Short Description

This is book about leopards called Leroy and Lapa and Leroy’s grandfather who is chief and judge of the leopards. It is based on a Zulu proverb which translates into A Leopard Licks Both Its White and Black Spots


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Leroy and Lapa are leopards and best friends. They live in the Savannah. Grandpa Leopard is the Chief and Judge of the leopards. His favourite saying is " A LEOPARD LICKS BOTH ITS WHITE AND BLACK SPOTS". Do you want to know what that means? Find out by reading THE LEOPARD LICKS ITS SPOTS.

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K.A. Mulenga

K.A. Mulenga

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