The Kingdom of Ambrosia: The Soul-Walkers

The Kingdom of Ambrosia: The Soul-Walkers



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Howlett and Dixon

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Teen and Young Adult, Fiction

January 30, 2020

Short Description

The series follows five teenagers from two different planets that are war-torn and not able to coexist. Together, they uncover a third planet they never knew existed. As they explore the planet, they learn different secrets about their home worlds' histories, and how their planets were originally connected through their ancestors. Are they able to put trust in each other? Will they stand up for each other and protect each other against the dangers they encounter?


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Death has a funny way of revealing secrets...or, at least, that’s what Sillara Mur’ana was about to find out. Five short years after her father passed away, she begins a mission with her two best friends and squad mates, Tillyanne and Kyral. During this mission, they stumble across some very large, rather interesting secrets that were meant to stay hidden for the rest of time.Will the opposing worlds be locked in war against each other forever, or will these teenagers be able to bring peace among them?

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Howlett and Dixon

Howlett and Dixon

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