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The Kingdom of Ambrosia: Reunited

The Kingdom of Ambrosia: Reunited


Howlett and Dixon


Fantasy, Science Fiction, Teen and Young Adult, Fiction

Publish Date

March 31, 2021

Short Description

The series follows five teenagers from two different planets that are war-torn and not able to coexist. Together, they uncover a third planet they never knew existed. As they explore the planet, they learn different secrets about their home worlds' histories, and how their planets were originally connected through their ancestors. Are they able to put trust in each other? Will they stand up for each other and protect each other against the dangers they encounter?


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In the second of the Kingdom of Ambrosia Series, Castillo and Sillara meet with the Council and the Elders during the Summons and call for a Ceasefire. Little did they know, someone has been watching them from the shadows.As more secrets are unraveled, Sillara becomes uncertain about taking her role as Princess of Ambrosia, especially when a close loved one almost loses their life.Do the lingering secrets, close encounters, and shadowy figure force Sillara to leave Ambrosia behind and move back to Aquaria, causing the group to fracture? Or does she take her role as Princess of Ambrosia?

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Howlett and Dixon

Howlett and Dixon

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