The Killing Depths

The Killing Depths

The Linus Schag, NCIS, Thrillers Book 1


Martin Roy Hill


Fiction, Crime, Military / War, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Publish Date

November 25, 2013

Short Description

A sub. A secret mission. And a serial killer.


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A killer lurks beneath the waves of the western Pacific Ocean. The USS Encinitas, the first attack submarine crewed by both men and women, stalks the Crescent Moon, a renegade Iranian sub armed with nuclear-tipped missiles. But another predator hides aboard the American sub, a murderer who has already left a trail of dead women behind on shore. While the crew of the Encinitas plays a deadly game of hide-and-seek with the Crescent Moon, NCIS investigator Linus Schag must discover the killer’s identity before his – or her – blood lust leads to the submarine’s total destruction.

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Martin Roy Hill

Martin Roy Hill

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