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The Julia Street Series Books 1-3

The Julia Street Series Books 1-3

Sara's Song, Dance or Get Out, Perfect Pitch


Tina Jones Williams


Fiction, Women

Publish Date

March 9, 2019

Short Description

A segregated train ride is only the beginning.

For a Colored family, courage, hope, and despair in just the right measure can lead to the unthinkable. It was 1943, and it's likely Sara and Ben Jameson had never thought seriously about leaving home. Join Sara as she and her family make the move from the Southside of Chicago to Berkeley, California. She and husband Ben, in search of a better life for their young family, find the same challenges they hoped they had left behind. But, they rose to the challenge, overcoming obstacles and taking advantage of opportunities beyond their wildest dreams. The Julia Street Series lovingly spans 1943 through 2000.


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