The Invisible Sentence

The Invisible Sentence



Nonfiction, Biography / Memoir

Publish Date

March 18, 2021

Short Description

The Invisible Sentence: A fascinating memoir from the wife of a prisoner and how her family survived outside the prison wire.

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Verna McFelin's gripping account of her life after her husband's arrest and incarceration for kidnapping is a stirring, enthralling and inspirational story. Her life of hardship and poverty is laced with the reality of God's miraculous love and filled with expressions of her enthralling relationship with God, and her love for her children, and the multiple people she meets and supports along the way.


It is absolutely fascinating, packed with Christian lessons, and is an extremely inspiring read. The Invisible Sentence comes very highly recommended by Chick Lit Cafe - and we declare it the must-read, 5-star memoir of the year!

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