The House on Cooper Lane

Based on a true story


Oliver Phipps

Fiction, Teen and Young Adult, Horror

Short Description

A beautiful old mansion that's been converted into apartments. The rent is reasonable. But there's something upstairs. 


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It’s 1984 and all Bud Fisher wants to do is find a place to live in Madison Louisiana. With his dog Badger, they come across a beautiful old mansion that was converted into apartments.


Something should have felt odd when he discovers nobody lives in the apartments. To make matters worse, the owner is reluctant to let him rent one. Eventually he negotiates an apartment in the historic old house, but soon finds he’s not quite as alone as he thought. What ghostly secret has the owner failed to share?


It’s up to Bud to unravel the mysteries of the upstairs apartments, but is he really ready to find out the truth?

Oliver Phipps

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