The Girl In The Garage

The Girl In The Garage

3 Steps To Letting Go Of Your Past


Sharon Hughes


Nonfiction, Body / Mind and Spirit, Self-Help, Family and Relationships, How To

Publish Date

January 3, 2020

Short Description

What if your'e not who you think you are? Discover how to beakup with insecurity and self-worth issues and truly live free. In The Girl In The Garage: 3 Steps To Letting Go Of Your Past, Author Sharon Hughes shares her true story of radical healing by a radical God and how you can experience it too.




Do you wonder if you can really change your life and let go of the things in your past that hold you prisoner? Have you suffered trauma, abuse, or abandonment that left you feeling your were too broken to have a life you love? What if you let go of the lies you've believed, broke up with your past and let go of the shame that's held you prisoner in your own life for good? Who would you be? Who could you be? In the Girl In The Garage, Sharon Hughes shares her personal story of overcoming years of abuse that came to a head when at 16 years old, she was drugged at a Halloween party and woke up in a garage seven hours later. Her story is one of radical healing by a radical God that called her to a new identity and a new destiny. If you've struggled with brokenness, shame, trauma and self worth issues, this book will walk you through the core steps you need to get a breakthrough while experiencing God's radical healing.

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