The Gift

The Gift

McKenna Mystery Series


Kate Anslinger


Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Police / Detective, Suspense, Thriller, Paranormal and Supernatural

Publish Date

January 4, 2017

Short Description

An off-beat page-turner with an empathetic detective. –Kirkus Reviews



Detective Grace McKenna’s mother has always told her that she has a gift. When she looks into a criminal’s eyes she can see haunting images of victims who have been wronged. One of those visions is the face of Jenny Silva, a high school art teacher who has gone missing from the small town of Bridgeton, Massachusetts, where Grace works. When she makes eye contact with the possible suspect, Jenny's tortured face flashes before Grace, leaving an unsettling imprint on her. Grace finds herself making tough decisions to solve a case on her own, where she stumbles across town secrets and gets mixed up in an unlikely love affair. Sometimes a wrong can find a way to be righted all on its own.

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Kate Anslinger

Kate Anslinger

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