The Exterminating Angel

(City of Industry Book 1)


António Bizarro

Police / Detective/ Crime, Psychological, Fiction

Short Description

A dark tale of vengeance, overcoming, and sublimation


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When Karla Engel is sexually assaulted by four men in a dimly lit parking lot, something inside her breaks, unleashing through its cracks an avenging sword-wielding force that will sweep the streets of Saint Paul: the Exterminating Angel!

It will be up to Marko Baiser, a police detective, to hunt her down, only to find himself tangled in an obsessive and deadly pursuit…

While fulfilling her desire for revenge, Karla Engel, a.k.a. the Exterminating Angel, goes off on a path of dispensing justice to those who prey on the weak!”

António Bizarro

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