The Cumberland Tales

The Cumberland Tales

Mythmoulder Publishing


Frank Wayne


Fiction, Historical, Poetry

Publish Date

October 15, 2017

Short Description

Sam Yik, the philosopher opiate gardener befriends two young lads. At first, the young boys ridicule Sam Yik, but he quickly dispenses their questioning glances because he is interested in what these boys have to say. The door opens, and the stories unfold and intertwine from present to past to present again, and for Sam Yik, well, he travels many worlds.




Today, the town of Cumberland, British Columbia, is filled with a diverse artistic collection of people enjoying small town quaint lifestyles, but in the 19th. century it was bustling with loggers and coal miners. There were separate Chinese, Japanese, and Black communities, and life was not so quaint. Beer parlours were overflowing and bar fights were not uncommon.

My book is a collection of stories, some real, some fiction, all filled with nostalgia of recent (1960's), old days: The Cumberland Tales.

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Frank Wayne

Frank Wayne

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