The Chosen Drone

The Chosen Drone

The Chosen Drone series #1


Eoin McDonald


Action and Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical, Paranormal and Supernatural, Romance

Publish Date

August 10, 2020

Short Description

David was the Chosen Drone. He Didn't choose to be it. He was chosen

David had a bright future. He was intelligent, likable, and fit. He lived in New York, where all the advantages were. How could he cope with trying to live a normal life

Carlos Beltowers is a hard man, taking what he didn't earn and reaping what he did not sow. He wanted the Case that David protected. It meant immense power to him

Bridgett was always on David's mind. If there was one thing he wanted more than anything else, it would be Bridgett

Death could result from keeping the Case out of Beltowers' hands. David was in constant danger





How could an Old Brown Case throw his life into chaos, confusion, and adventure? David was a quiet guy, just minded his own business. Went to work each day. Lived in the inner Suburb of New York. This was until Carlos Beltowers appeared on the scene. He wanted something David had, and Carlos wouldn't stop at anything to get it. Bridget, a curvy, blond girl, from San Diego, motivated David Chen to go to places he would otherwise avoid. There were other acquaintances, some dubious, but it was a school friend that put him in situations he wasn't prepared for. Would David survive this ordeal and what would happen if Carlos got his hands on the case?

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Eoin McDonald

Eoin McDonald

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