The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee

The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee

BBL... The Butterfly Bee Lady : Book #3


ig Oliver


Fiction, Fantasy, Action and Adventure

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October 15, 2019

Short Description

She's young, beautiful and is the daughter of the Butterfly Bee Lady, who was once a Queen of dragonflies, along with her twin sister Sindeena; but by fate and malice and a mysterious form of magic was changed into the first Butterfly. She is pursued by her evil twin sister Sindeena and her minions in a never-ending search for her and her daughter, who hold in their hands a power to change life and open doors to a very different world, and more... which can also bring the most terrifying and beautiful creatures out of the woodwork...




The Butterfly Bee lady, is a trilogy about the first magic and how it changes the lives of the characters in the story. A natural magic created by creatures that dwell beneath the ground used at first to protect the world's wonders of nature and then later for their own survival. How they tried to use this magic to better their lives, and bring peace with the dragonflyers. It doesn’t go as planned and our planet and the creatures upon it began to change.

Part one, The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee is only part of the story.

Belliza was once a Dragonfly queen along with her twin sister Sindeena, but by a shift of fate Belliza was changed by the magic into the very first butterfly. Her life journey takes her through secret magic worlds that stretch through time until a meeting with Bramley Bee in this book.

Through this story begins a new journey. Bee the daughter of the butterfly bee lady is revealed and her path begins and the amazing characters she meets and also the villains. Those who want to take from her the secret magic, the living pollen crystal stone and use it for themselves. Her story is about the changes she goes through and the realization of who she is and the power she holds.

A power greater than time itself.

This story exposes the realities of her life and the repercussions of the path she takes and that of her mothers, when you play with nature's magic something will happen beyond your control. What will the future now hold for Bee and her companions and the demons who pursue her, who’s world will it eventually take them to, or is it the magic itself that is controlling its own destiny and if so where does it want to go?

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ig Oliver

ig Oliver

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