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The Billionaire Who Bought Me

The Billionaire Who Bought Me


Kristen James


Fiction, Contemporary, Drama, Romance

Publish Date

February 12, 2022

Short Description

“Looking for a female companion; not what you think but it pays very well.”

Could I do it? I needed A LOT of money to help my sister stay alive until she could get a heart transplant. Maybe this was the answer.

Zoe Montgomery is intrigued by the ad that promises a lot of money for a few weeks of her time--if she makes it to the end. She’s desperate, but the ad is vague. What will he want from her? His ad mentions travel and "no touching" so what else does he want? She finds the billionaire behind the words just as mysterious and confusing, breaking all her conceived ideas and toying with her emotions. She also discovers the rules in their ruse are made to be broken. Will she make it the full two weeks and get her big payday? And will it be enough money to save her little sister?


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