The Adulterer's Dilemma: A Novel

The Adulterer's Dilemma: A Novel


Sam Anthony


Psychological, Police / Detective, Thriller, Crime, Suspense

Publish Date

January 30, 2020

Short Description

It’s lonely being a serial killer.


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The must-read psychological thriller for 2021.

What a dilemma:

Should he confess his crimes, seek absolution, hand himself over to the police and serve a long prison sentence … or continue to live with the overwhelming guilt, and stay on the run with his beautiful pregnant lover?

What happens when an adulterer meets a serial killer?

While Jo begs Lee to just suck it up and find a way to cope with his guilty conscience, a real-life serial killer tries to convince him to murder again, just for the sheer fun of it.

Enjoy the continuing adventure of Lee as he sinks deeper into regret and despair, all the while trying not to repeat the mistakes of his past.

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Sam Anthony

Sam Anthony

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