Tallis' Third Tune

Tallis' Third Tune

Midwinter Sonata, Book 1


Ellen L. Ekstrom


Fantasy, Women, Contemporary, Fiction, Romance

Publish Date

April 22, 2014

Short Description

Alice Martin falls down a rabbit hole and finds herself not in Wonderland, but on a journey into the heart and soul.



What if . . .

What if you could go back and re-live those painful, telling, moments in a relationship and say the words you meant to say, take a different path to happiness?

What if you were given those opportunities and assisted by the most unlikely of mentors?

What if life was more like a dream than a perfectly-ordered sequence in time, in that events blended one into another without reason at first, but suddenly made perfect sense?

Welcome to the Village.

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Ellen L. Ekstrom

Ellen L. Ekstrom

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